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Großes Bild des Tertianum-Gebäudes mit vielen Räumen

Introducing Tertianum

zwei alte Damen, die sich vor Freude umarmen

Enjoy your senior years

Tertianum holds the key to high-quality housing and living in your old age. As the Swiss market leader, we are committed to making each and every day worthwhile for residents at our more than 90 locations. We provide a space for you to partake in a diverse range of activities and benefit from attentive nursing care, first-class catering and comprehensive medical support.

We have set ourselves the goal of enhancing the quality of life of our guests and their families. Our individually tailored services allow us to create a new home where residents can feel safe and enjoy the freedom to determine their own lifestyle throughout all phases of old age.

The absolute respect and sense of responsibility we feel towards the elderly is what drives us every day. Passion is at the heart of everything we do!

Our guiding principles

  • Purpose
  • Values
  • View of humankind
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Tertianum Code of Conduct
  • Ombudsman

Administrative board

The administrative board determines the long-term strategic direction of the Tertianum Group and is responsible for management and oversight of the executive board.

  • Dr. Ole Wiesinger
  • Boris Zoller
  • Prof. Dr. Sabina Misoch
  • Philippe Frutiger

Executive board

The executive board is responsible for the strategic and operational management of the Tertianum-Group. It defines the corporate strategy and sets the framework conditions for operations and financial control.

  • Dr. Luca Stäger
  • Nicolas Crognaletti
  • Stefan Knabl
  • Barbara Schuler
  • PD Dr. med. Ryan Tandjung

Extended executive board

The regional managers and the head of communication & marketing are represented on the extended executive board. The committee is responsible for managing operations in the regions, as well as communication and marketing within the Tertianum-Group.

  • Franko Behrendt
  • Stefan Brunner
  • Hans Bühlmann
  • Dimitri Mocellin
  • Frank Nehlig
  • Roger Zintl
  • Luljeta Amza

Facts and figures

*All data from the most recent annual report

91 Sites
5633 Employees
3707 Care beds
2005 Senior apartments

Partnering with Tertianum

Tertianum has gathered many years of experience and a high level of expertise in the area of retirement properties. We offer professional support for the acquisition of existing residential homes and care centres, pending takeovers and succession planning, as well as for new or replacement buildings.

Innovation at Tertianum

At Tertianum, technical innovations lay the foundation for even greater enjoyment of life, leading to improved employee satisfaction and increased process efficiency. We can achieve our goals with even more success through constant innovation, thereby meeting the needs of our guests.

Our sites

Company history


The Künzli family sets up the Neutal nursing home in Berlingen, Thurgau, Switzerland


Tertianum AG is founded in Kirchlindach, Bern


The Défago family sets up SENIOcare in Wattwil, St. Gallen, Switzerland (now Tertianum Krone)


The Russi family sets up Boas in Ecublens, Vaud, Switzerland (now Tertianum Joli Automne)


Foundation of the modern-day Tertianum Group in Berlingen, Thurgau, Switzerland (relocated to Zurich in 2008)


Acquisition of the SENIOcare Group and Boas Senior Care Group


Capvis acquires Tertianum

Careers at Tertianum

Introducing Capvis

Capvis acquired Tertianum in March 2020. With operations across Europe, the investment company not only has strong roots in Switzerland, but also an extensive global network.

Capvis is a Swiss private equity investor with almost 50 employees who pool their international experience in locations such as Zug in Switzerland, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Jersey and Luxembourg. Senior advisors in Milan, London and New York represent the company, which has been voted the best private equity firm in Switzerland many times over by the trade press.

Capvis focuses on medium-sized companies in the Industrial Corridor of Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and Benelux). Their business is based on longstanding experience in creating local and global market leaders in the industrial, technological and advanced services sectors. Capvis works in close collaboration with strong management teams to develop the potential of the acquired companies and create long-term value.

Capvis carefully selects the companies in which it invests, and endeavours to support their development on a sustained basis. The starting point for their partnership with Tertianum is no different. 

Boris Zoller, Managing Partner at Capvis AG explains "As the Swiss market leader for living, housing and care in old age, Tertianum is a unique healthcare services platform. We look forward to working with management to further strengthen Tertianum and expand its services to include additional full-time residential options and day-care services. We aim to develop Tertianum into an integrated service provider for living, housing and care in old age".
Capvis wählt die Unternehmen, in die sie investiert, mit grosser Sorgfalt aus und verfolgt das Ziel, diese nachhaltig weiterzubringen. Nicht anders präsentiert sich die Ausgangslage für die Zusammenarbeit mit Tertianum. 

„Als Schweizer Markführer für Leben, Wohnen und Pflege im Alter ist Tertianum eine einzigartige Healthcare Services Plattform. Wir freuen uns, Tertianum gemeinsam mit der Geschäftsleitung weiter zu stärken und durch zusätzliche stationäre und ambulante Dienstleistungen auszubauen. Es ist unsere Absicht, Tertianum zu einem integrierten Dienstleister für Leben, Wohnen und Pflege im Alter zu entwickeln“, erklärt Boris Zoller, Partner bei Capvis AG.